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Environmental Resources Planning LLC (ER Planning), along with the New Jersey Clean Communities Council sponsored this landmark event on March 24-25, 2011 at the Courtyard Marriott in the Washingtonian Center (Gaithersburg, MD), located on a small lake and surrounded by numerous restaurants and a variety of stores. 

Thanks to our sponsors, American Chemistry Council and Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America, without whom this Forum would not have been possible.


The Forum’s Keynote Speaker, Margaret Grayson, is a member of the President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council, appointed by President Bush and reappointed by President Obama. Forum speakers included Sandy Huber (Executive Director, New Jersey Clean Communities Council), Carrie Gallagher (Executive Director, Alliance for Community Trees) and Shannon Reiter (Executive Director, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.)

The following PowerPoint presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the highlighted titles.

ØAddressing Litter in Perfect Storms
Ø Beautification's Effect
Ø Litter Abatement Funding Strategies
ØQuantifying Illegal Dumping
Ø Recyclables in Litter
Ø Restoring Our Communities
Ø 2010 Northeast Litter Study - PowerPoint
Ø 2010 Northeast Litter Study - Final Report

A special thanks to all of our speakers who helped make this Forum a success. Once speakers provide copies of their presentations, they will be posted. Congratulations to Jennifer Cole (Clean Fairfax Council), who won the drawing for the free iPod.  

Steven R. Stein                                                      Sandy Huber
Principal                                                               Executive Director
Environmental Resources Planning, LLC            New Jersey Clean Communities Council
624 Main Street, Suite B                                      222 West State Street
Gaithersburg, MD  20878                                    Trenton, NJ  08608

(240) 631-6532                                                    (609) 989-5900

ER Planning principal, Steve Stein, led the design and was project manager for Keep America Beautiful's 2009 National Litter Study. He also managed their Community Appearance Index project and was project manager for 6 statewide litter surveys. Field crews under his direction have surveyed more than 15.5 million square feet of roadway. Mr. Stein contributed to the NIAC Optimization of Resources study as a subject matter expert in community vulnerability, prepared for the President. His work regarding litter has been featured in National Geographic Magazine, New York TimesNPR and ABC’s Good Morning America.

The New Jersey Clean Communities Council is a 501(c) (3) corporation funded by the Clean Communities Act and private sector donations whose mission is to implement a statewide program of public information and education that will change the attitudes that cause littering and the irresponsible handling of solid waste.

American Chemistry Council’s Plastics Division represents leading companies dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow through plastics. Ongoing innovations in plastics have led to medical advances and safety equipment that make our lives better, healthier and safer every day. ACC members are finding innovative ways for plastics to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease waste. The Plastics Division is at the forefront of efforts to reduce litter through increased access to recycling, advancements in recycling technology, and public education.

Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America is a nationwide company, with extensive expertise in marketing, maintenance and customer service that partners with governmental and private agencies to implement and provide ongoing maintenance for Sponsor-A-Highway programs. Highway sponsorships allow business communities an opportunity to fund the removal of litter and to be recognized for their contribution to safer highways and a cleaner environment. 


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