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Our staff speaks at conferences across the country and are published and referenced in industry and national media. Selected studies, articles and presentations by our firm are listed below. Click on those highlighted to download.

White Paper - Analyzing the Impacts of PR Bag Bans and Taxes, May 2017 
√ Oahu Litter Index Survey, March 2017
√ Honolulu Litter, Solid Waste and Storm Water Management Systems - Technical Assessment Report, December 2016
√ A Fresh Approach to Characterizing and Understanding Watershed Litter More Clearly, August 2015 
√ Alameda Countywide Storm Drain Trash Monitoring and Characterization Project - Technical Assessment Report, March 2015 
√ 2015 Anacostia Watershed Litter Survey, January 2015
√ Plastic Retail Bags Report Brief - 2015 Litter Survey Rankings, January 2015
√ 2014 Rhode Island Litter Survey,  June 2014 
√ Paper, Plastic or Neither, Time Magazine, January 24, 2014
√ 2013 Paper and Plastic Bag Litter Study, October 2013

√ 2013 Texas Litter Survey - Final Report 
√  Press Release - ER Planning Awarded 2013 Texas Litter Survey 
Facts about Plastic Retail Bags in Litter, January 2013
√  2012 Toronto Streets Litter Audit, November 2012
√  Press Release - PS Foam Food Service in Litter, May 2012 
  Contribution of Polystyrene Foam Food Service Products to Litter, May 2012 
√  2010 Northeast Litter Survey - Final Report, July 2011 
2010 Northeast Litter Survey (PowerPoint), May 2011
√  Litter in America (Webinar), April 2010
√  KAB National Litter Study - Final Report, December 2009
√  KAB National Litter Study - Executive Summary, December 2009
√  KAB National Litter Study Results (PowerPoint), December 2009
Trash Register, National Geographic Magazine, December 2008
√  The Impacts of Litter on Greenhouse Gas Emissions, WASTECON 2008
√  Addressing Litter Issues in a Changing World, International Adopt-a-Highway 2008
√  Litter and Its Implications for Solid Waste Managers, WASTECON 2007
√  Roadside Litter: Hazards on the Road, MSW Management Magazine, 2007
Garbage, Litter & Trash, Kojo Nnamdi Show, WAMU (NPR), 2007
√  Debris Wreaks Havoc on the Road, Good Morning America (ABC News), 2007
√  Worsening U.S. Road Litter Threatens Lives, Voice of America (Interview), 2007
√  Road Debris Causes 25,000 Accidents Annually, Urban Transportation Monitor (Interview), 2007
√  Wake Up and Smell the Trash, Potomac Watershed Trash Summit (Roundtable), 2007
Highway Debris, Long an Eyesore, Grows as Hazard, New York Times (Interview), 2007
√  The New Gold Rush: Mining the Plastics Markets, Resource Recycling, 2006
√  Sweating the Litter Things: Results from Recent Litter Surveys, Keep America Beautiful Conference, 2005
Sweating the Litter Things, Resource Recycling (Article), 2005
√  What do Litter Surveys Reveal about Bottle Bills?, Federation of New York Solid Waste Associations, 2005
√  Who’s Been Messing with Jersey: Litter Survey Results, New Jersey Clean Communities Council, 2004
√  Single-Stream,Resource Recycling (Book, Contributing Author), July 2005
Single-Stream: A Recycling Method that Cuts Both Ways, Resource Recycling, October 2004
√  Single-Stream: Shards and the Damage Done, NRRA Recycling Conference and Exposition, 2004
√  What Litter Surveys Reveal About Bottle Bills, New Jersey Clean Communities Council, 2004
√  Single-Stream: The Effects of Glass on Paper, Federation of New York Solid Waste Associations, 2004
√  Where Single-Stream Recycling Is Leading: Capture & Residue Issues, Maryland Department of the        
     Environment, 2003
√  Does Single-Stream Recycling Make Sense, NRRA Recycling Conference and Exposition, 2003
√  Recycling Economics and Presenting to Public Officials and the Media, Maryland Recyclers Coalition, 2003
√  Glass and Single-Stream, Federation of New York Solid Waste Associations, 2003
√  Important Issues Facing Paper Recycling, Federation of New York Solid Waste Associations, 2002
√  Creating a Successful Recycling Program, US Conference of Mayors, 2000
√  Residential Mixed Paper, New York SWANA (Conference Organizer), 1998
√  Municipal Recovery: A Success Story, International Recovered Paper IX, 1998
√  Curbing the Bottle Bill, New York State Bottle Bill Conference, 1997
√  The Thinwalling Phenomena, New York State Recycling Conference, 1997
√  Curbside Counting Lessons, Solid Waste Association of North America, 1996
√  Social Costs of Recycling, New York State Recycling Conference,  1996
√  WiNet - An Online Recycling Information System, New York State Recycling Conference, 1995

" He's a wonderful colleague, easy to work with and committed to delivering the highest quality work."

- P. Wesley Schultz: Professor, California State College; Senior Consulting Scientist, Action Research Inc; Board Member, Keep America Beautiful.



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